7 Facts You Don't Know About North Korea

Every one knows of North Korea, as one of the most abnormal country in the world. However post or any kind of blog is legal in this country and so you can read this post. Here's 7 strange facts and laws that Kim Jong-un have in his country.


North Korean may only choose from 28 haircuts. Possibly one of the most surprising North Korean laws of all is the one defining which hairstyle is appropriate. Officially there are only 28 haircuts which are legal in the country. Men can choose from 10 different types of short haircuts while are free to choose from 18 styles.

Married women are to have only short hair while singles can let their hair grow out a little longer.

2103 Incident

In 2013 North Korea's leader killed his own uncle by throwing him naked into a cage with 120 starving dogs. Kim Jong-un's uncle Jang Song was vice chairman of National Defence Commission until he was considered a counter revolutionary. After being proclaimed a traitor Jane was stripped of all of his post, expelled from the workers party of Korea and his image was literally erased. His photo was removed from the official media and his presence was digitally erased from all photograph with other public officials.

Kim Jong-un is known for his brutality and the fact that the traitor was from his family didn't make him reconsider the punishment. Jane in between several of his follower were stripped naked and fed alive to previously starved dogs. This brutal execution was watched by hundred's of officials.

Possessing Bibles

Watching South Korean movies and distributing pornography may be punishable by death. In North Korea, 10.000 people including women and children were ordered to go to Shin Pung Stadium and witness the execution of 80 people tied to stakes with sacks placed over their head.

They were executed by machine guns, this was one of the numerous public prosecution which took place in North Korea and sent 80 people to their deaths. The executed people were charged with crimes of viewing South Korean movies, owning Bibles watching pornography and seeking services from prostitutes.


North Korea holds election every five years and in which the ballot lists only one candidate. Although  under a dictatorship, the official name of North Korea is " The Democratic People's Republic Of Korea". In an offer to keep up with the illusion the name offers, the country organises five year elections.

Unfortunately the election offers only one candidate. The position of the leader is hereditary, but official elections are conducted offering the hereditary candidate as the only candidate. Moreover Voting is compulsory in this country.

Three Generation Punishment

If a person violates the law or is sent to prison camp, it affects their whole family. Prison camps are a popular solution for crime in North Korea. The brutality of the camps have made them notorious worldwide and are largely labels as "Death Camp". The prisoner are overworked and starved and moreover starved of any medical necessities.

However this is not the most peculiar things about the North Korean prison camps. It is how people end up in them. If you commit a political crime or considered a revolutionary or traitor. It is not only you who will get punished but your family. 3 entire generation of the criminal's family will be in prison, as it is believed that the attitudes and disloyalty are carried down the bloodline.


In 1950's North Korea built Kijong-Dong, a nice city visible from border to encourage South Korean to come over. It's actually a ghost town for the purpose of keeping up with the appearances. It was built to look quite marvellous when viewed from the border, with the blue roofs of the building being the most prominent visual marker, the village looks prosperous but in reality it's empty. It's further intention was that of creating an image of prosperity and happiness, trying to advertise that the people of North Korea are living in high living standards and in abundance.


Marijuana is legal and is not even classified as drug in North Korea. North Korea is known to be one of the most conservative countries, with very rigid laws. That is what makes the fact that marijuana is legalised, all the more surprising.

The so called leaf of tobacco is not considered a drug at all and it grows freely in the country, the plant can often be seen growing alongside road. Smoking marijuana is considered normal and catching the scent while walking through town is quite usual. It is also known to be particularly popular amongst young soldier in the North Korean military.

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