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What Happens In Bermuda Triangle | Are Aliens Living There?

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7 Facts You Don't Know About North Korea

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5 Reasons The Moon Landing Could Be Fake

The theory that America faked the Moon landing has been the subject of discussion for several years now. Most conspiracy theorists say that in an effort to assert their victory in the space race against the soviets, American opted to fake the landing, so as to appear to have won the race. The question most people ask is why haven't we ever gone back to the after all those years. Here are the five reasons the moon landing could be a hoax.

Lack Of Stars
One would expect that since there are no clouds on the Moon, then the stars would be much easier to see from the moon considering the proximity, most of the photograph are clear enough but still no stars can be seen.If it is possible to see the stars from Earth and yet we have the atmosphere that could affect our vision. How could we cannot see the stars from the moon.

NASA Answer NASA says that the quality of the photograph at the time were not really high quality, so no stars could be captured from the moon.

The "C" Rock

Does God Exist : A Rational and Scientific Explanation

Since the years of existence of mankind believers have been challenged about the existence of god. The main argument of the non believers is there is no evidence to prove that god does exist.Here we will provide some rational thought and some facts to give a much different perspective of the subject.

When we come across a painting such as Mona Lisa, definitely we enquire about the painter Leonardo Da Vinci.

Many such man made wonder do exist like, Taj Mahal of India, Burj Khalifa Dubai, Cars, Robots, Mobiles and countless other things.There is always a intelligence of some being or beings involved behind such creation.

So who has created what we have not created.

Such as a Human Eye. It is one of the most complex organ of our body. It perceives 7-10 Million colours through a synaptic flash that is 1/10 of a second. Who is the designer and the creator of the human eye and also of other wonderful things such as animals, fish, trees, microorganisms, birds

1. A Complex Design Points To Del…