Does God Exist : A Rational and Scientific Explanation

Since the years of existence of mankind believers have been challenged about the existence of god. The main argument of the non believers is there is no evidence to prove that god does exist.Here we will provide some rational thought and some facts to give a much different perspective of the subject.

does dod exist

When we come across a painting such as Mona Lisa, definitely we enquire about the painter Leonardo Da Vinci.

Many such man made wonder do exist like, Taj Mahal of India, Burj Khalifa Dubai, Cars, Robots, Mobiles and countless other things.There is always a intelligence of some being or beings involved behind such creation.

So who has created what we have not created.

Such as a Human Eye. It is one of the most complex organ of our body. It perceives 7-10 Million colours through a synaptic flash that is 1/10 of a second. Who is the designer and the creator of the human eye and also of other wonderful things such as animals, fish, trees, microorganisms, birds

1. A Complex Design Points To Deliberate Designer.

The modern scientific research shows that the amount of fine tuning of the universe is little surprising. The particularity of the details points toward a intelligent designer.

Let's have a look at some of the examples

Speed Of Earth Rotation

If the Earth rotates too quickly then we would have storms like tornado and hurricanes and if it rotates too slowly we will be too cold at nights and too hot during the day.

Did the planet Earth learn on itself of its perfect speed, or is it monitored just like a satellite is monitored by hundreds of scientists together.

Size Of Earth

Size of Earth and its corresponding gravity holds a thin layer of mostly Nitrogen and Oxygen gases only extending about 50 miles above the Earth's surface.

If Earth would be a little smaller an atmosphere would be impossible and if earth would be larger it's atmosphere would contain free hydrogen which would make life impossible.

Who gave it the perfect size.

Location Of Earth

Although Earth revolves at a tremendous speed of 67,000 miles per hour, it manages of maintain its position at exact distance.It was found if earth would be any further from the sun we would freeze and any closer we would burn.

Who pinned the planet Earth at it's exact fitting distance?

Similar observation has been found about other planets also.

Then who finally designed the entire planetary system?

Some of the scientists may say it just happened by chance, does it sound like science then.

Any man will question about the designer when he sees a good design. In a similar spirit we should question for where this ultimate design come from.

2.Order In The Universe Implies A Smart Organiser

When we reflect upon the nature of our world we see order everywhere. The more we discover about the universe the more we find that it is governed by rational laws.With our smart mind we try to come up with the idea of Symbiotic Factory.

Symbiotic Factory refers to a system where the waste of one factoy say A is completely utilised by another factory say B and it's raw material and the waste of factory B is also completely utilised by factory A as its raw material.

Such as concept is considered ecological brilliant and economical smart, however it is still theoretical for our scientists.

But as a surprise such Symbiotic Factory do exist in the universe.

One such arrangement is example of Respiration and Photosynthesis. At every moment of our life we take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide which is taken by plants and oxygen is given back. It is an exactly balanced system in nature, can the best of the scientists make such a Symbiotic Factory. Where the wast product of one factory completely acts as raw material for he other and the vice versa.

As our Universe is governed in order then we should question how this order came about. Shouldn't there be an organiser behind such a complex arrangement in the nature.

3. Uniform Laws Of Nature Implies A Intelligent Law-Maker

In our day to day experience we have not came across any law which has not been made by someone. The making of every single law and it's enforcement is always governed by some intelligent person. This strictly says that the law of the universe and it's stripped enforcement implies a intelligent law maker.

Richard Feynman a noble prize winner for quantum electrodynamics said, "Why nature is mathematician is a mystery. The fact that there are rules at all is a kind of miracle"

 4. A Creation Undisputedly Implies A Creator

If there is a designer, there is a organiser and there is a law-maker then, when we see the entire universe we can infer that there is a creator.

If even a paper rose flower needs a creator, then how can a real rose flower be created by no one.

Many's says that nature is working automatically thus denying the need of creator.

So does nature work automatically?

The word automatically in this context is somewhat misleading, because the word automatically doesn't indicate the absence of a controller, but rather the absence of the knowledge of the controller.

If we talk about a machine that works automatically that means that the machine doesn't needs continuous interaction with the operator, but still there is someone that created that automatic machine and activated it.

Similarly the magnificent phenomena of nature is not occurring by themselves, all working phenomena are working under the invisible programming of god as has been the conclusion throughout history of many wise people, both religious and scientific.

Famous Physicist Lord Kelvin said, "If you think deeply enough, you will be forced by science to believe in God"

Max Planck the originator of Quantum theory remarked, "For religion God is at the beginning, for science God is at the end"

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