5 Reasons The Moon Landing Could Be Fake

The theory that America faked the Moon landing has been the subject of discussion for several years now. Most conspiracy theorists say that in an effort to assert their victory in the space race against the soviets, American opted to fake the landing, so as to appear to have won the race. The question most people ask is why haven't we ever gone back to the after all those years. Here are the five reasons the moon landing could be a hoax.

Lack Of Stars

One would expect that since there are no clouds on the Moon, then the stars would be much easier to see from the moon considering the proximity, most of the photograph are clear enough but still no stars can be seen.If it is possible to see the stars from Earth and yet we have the atmosphere that could affect our vision. How could we cannot see the stars from the moon.

NASA Answer

NASA says that the quality of the photograph at the time were not really high quality, so no stars could be captured from the moon.

The "C" Rock

Another photo of the landing that has been controversial for quite some time is the one that depicts a letter C on the rock. It is not really a big deal, but the problem is that the letter is perfect and symmetrical and there's no way that it would have appeared there from natural causes.

Conspiracy theorists have claimed that the letter could have been a prop that accidentally turned towards the camera by a crew member.

NASA Answer

There have been a conflicting reports from NASA to try and explain this away. They have claimed before that it must have been added as a joke by one of the photographic developers. Another explanation was that the letter could have been a strand of hair, that may have been caught up during the processing.

The Waving Flag

One of the photo that was circulated around after the landing was that of an astronaut standing next to the American flag. In most of the photos depicting the flag you could clearly see the flag waving. The folds of the flag can only attributed to blowing wind. The problem here is that there is no air on the moon and this means there is no way wind could be blowing on the moon to make the flag wave.

NASA Answer

NASA claimed that the fold was actually there because the flag was stored in a tin box hence it unfurled. Another claim of NASA is that the flag was made up of thin tin foil and was bent so that the flag could look like it's waving.

The Unexplained Object

After the photos of the landing were made public several people were quick to analyse them. One of the thing that stood out was a mysterious object that was reflected in one of the astronauts helmet. It is an object that appears to be hanging from above and supported by a thread or some kind of string. This has never really been explained, because there is no place on the moon where the string would be attached. Conspiracy theorists have guessed, that this might be a overhead spotlight that was used to stage the faking. While the image itself is not so clear, but the object in question has never really been explained.

NASA Answer

It was never explained.

The Lack Of Impact Crater

This theory suggest that there has been a moon landing is claimed by NASA then there would have been a crater at least, to suggest an impact upon landing. However most of the photos that have been circulated do not in any way show the displacement of dust or particle that would characterise the landing of the module.

NASA Answer

NASA has however explained this away, by saying that the low gravity nature of the moon provided a very soft landing for the module and therefore there was no impact upon landing. Also the moon surface is relatively tough and therefore no displacement of dust or other particle was ever found.

So do you think moon landing was actually a hoax or a real event. Wo would love your opinion so let us know in our comment box below.


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