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How Deep Can We Dig ?

So at some point in their lives, nearly everybody has wanted to dig a hole down to the centre of the Earth. The only problem is that nobody ever has actually dug a hole down that far. This leads us to the question that how deep can we really dig.

If humanity decided that digging a hole is the ultimate goal for our race then how deep can we dig with the help of modern technology.
Let's start from some earth surface and start digging from there.
1.8 meters : Not too far down and we reach at the standard grave depth in western culture.
4 metres : We arrive at the depth where Pharaoh Tutankhamen's tomb was discovered.
6 metres : Here we reach the last point from where metal detector can pick signal from.
13 metres : At 13 metres we can find the deepest burrows dug by any animal - The Nile Crocodile.
20 metres : A little further and we arrive at the depth of the Paris Catacombs beneath the city of Paris, a tomb that holds the remains of about 6 million people.
40 metres : Another 20 met…

How Big Is The Universe ?

You will never ever get you head around how big the universe is. Don't go there, its just vast it's just enormous. There is no way human mind can comprehend the true immensity of the universe. We are happy with the size of a elephant or the size of a tree or maybe even the size of a big church, but I think if we go beyond that our brain just start to run out of gas.

How The Size Of The Universe Is Measured
It may be difficult for our brain to comprehend, but that hasn't stopped endeavours to measure the distance to the stars. One technique is to use the phenomenon called parallax.

Parallax Method Everybody can experience parallax for themselves. If you hold your thumb up and close one eye you will see that your thumb appears to be in a certain position relative to something behind your thumb, but if you open that eye and close the other eye you'll see that your thumb appears to move relative to the object behind.

The same thing happens when we look at the stars. When …