How Deep Can We Dig ?

So at some point in their lives, nearly everybody has wanted to dig a hole down to the centre of the Earth. The only problem is that nobody ever has actually dug a hole down that far. This leads us to the question that how deep can we really dig.

If humanity decided that digging a hole is the ultimate goal for our race then how deep can we dig with the help of modern technology.

Let's start from some earth surface and start digging from there.

1.8 meters : Not too far down and we reach at the standard grave depth in western culture.

4 metres : We arrive at the depth where Pharaoh Tutankhamen's tomb was discovered.

6 metres : Here we reach the last point from where metal detector can pick signal from.

13 metres : At 13 metres we can find the deepest burrows dug by any animal - The Nile Crocodile.

20 metres : A little further and we arrive at the depth of the Paris Catacombs beneath the city of Paris, a tomb that holds the remains of about 6 million people.

40 metres : Another 20 metre deep and we reach at the bottom of the deepest swimming pool of the world. If you would drain this pool and just jump into it from the top it would take 3 seconds before you hit the bottom.

100 metres : This is the depth that government generally use to bury their nuclear waste at.

105.5 metres : And just another 5.5 metres depth and you will be at the deepest metro station in the world located in Kiev.

122 metres : Moving to 122 metres depth and we see the deepest known point plant's root has ever reached -A fig tree in South Africa.

220 metres : At 220 metres we reach the bottom of the deepest river in the world - The Congo River in Africa.

240 metres ; At 240 metres you can ride the deepest railway tunnel in the world that connects the Japanese island of Honshu and Hokkaido. 

287 metres : At 287 metres down, you can drive through the deepest road tunnel in the world in Norway.

305 metres : 305 metres down and you will see B82 Earth Penetrating nuclear warhead which can destroy the structure upto this depth beneath the surface.

392 metres : It'a like a milestone, at this depth you will arrive at the end of the deepest well and possibly deepest hole ever dug by hand. This is Woodingdean Water Well in the UK and it wall dug all the way back in 1862.

603 metres : At this point we have came across something terrifying, the deepest vertical drop inside of a cave. If you ever accidentally fall into this cave, the fall will be higher from falling from the World Trade Centre in New York and you will take 11 seconds before hitting the bottom.

700 metres : Even further down at 700 metres this is where the Chilean Miners were trapped for 69 days back in 2010.

970 metres : At 970 metres is the deepest hole ever dug that have an open sky above it - The Bingham Canyon open pit mine in Utah. This pit is so big that you could place the tallest building in the entire world The Burj Khalifa and still you will have 100 more metres to the surface.

1,410 metres : More further at 1.410 metres is the deepest concert ever held happened by the band "Agonizer" in Finland.

1,642 metres : At 1,642 metres down is the depth of the deepest lake on Earth - Lake Baikal in Russia.

1,875 metres : Here you will find the deepest part of the Grand Canyon.

2,197 metres : The deepest known cave on Earth is located 2,197 metres beneath the surface in Georgia. But the deepest hole that you can actually fall into goes more deeper than even this.

3.132 metres : All the way down at 3,132 metres is the bottom of the Moab Khostsong mineshaft in South Africa. Taking the elevator it takes 4 minutes and 30 seconds to reach the bottom. But if you fall into this it would take 25 seconds for you to reach the bottom, thinking in the way what you have just done and long enough to receive and miss an entire phone call.

3,600 metres : Even further at 3,600 metres is the deepest point at which a multicellular organism has been found alive. But human being themselves has been even deeper than this.

4,000 metres : 4,000 metres is the deepest part of the deepest mine on Earth, also located in the South Africa. The trip from the top to the bottom takes more than an hour to compete. The temperature at the bottom of this mine can reach as high as 66 degree celsius that's 151 degrees fahrenheit.

6,000 metres : 6,000 metres is the average depth of the oceanic crust beneath the ocean floor.

8,848 metres : Way down at 8,848 is the height of the mount everest if it was placed underground.

10,994 metres : You have just reached the bottom of the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest part of ocean on Earth. However, humans have actually dug down significantly deeper than even this.

11,887 metres : Just for reference, 11,887 metres is the average altitude that a commercial airline flies at.

12,262 metres : 12,262 metres is the depth of the Kola Superdeep Borehole. A project in which Soviet Union attempted to drill all the way through the Earth's Crust. They only reached 1/3 of the way there because the temperature at this depth reached 180 degrees Celsius that is 356 degrees Fahrenheit, which was too hot for the drill to operate any further. The hole is only 23 centimetres wide, so luckily you can't accidentally fall into this. If you ever dropped a coin in this shaft it would take 50 seconds before it would hit the bottom.

12,376 metres : Recently however the above depth has been surpassed by the Z44-Chavyo oil and gas well, which has drilled down to the depth of 12,376 metres. That's equivalent to the height of 15 Burj Khalifa stacked on top of each other, and currently holds the record of the deepest hole humanity has ever dug.

The crust however, can extend down to 70,000 metres below the Earth's Surface. And the planet's centre lies at 6,371 kilometres below the Earth Surface.

Till now humanity has just reached a tiny insignificant amount of length of what can actually be.

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