Five Facts That Prove Alien Life Exist

Many scientists say that, life can be possible on other planet. Even a formula have been developed called "Drake Equation" which shows the possibility of finding life form on other planet. Here are 5 facts which shows that we have already encountered aliens.

The Skylab III Mission

Skylab III was the second manned mission to the first American space station. The mission began on July 28, 1973 and lasted 60 days. The crew was testing scientific experiments in space.

The astronauts saw a UFO that paced them for a while. The three observed the bright-red flashing object for 10 minutes, taking 4 coloured photographs.

While communicating with NASA the astronauts referred to what they were seeing with cryptic messages to avoid spreading unwanted attention.

In the brief time they were observing the object, now of the crew members decided to estimate its size and distance.

By measuring the delay between when Skylab III went in to the Earth's shadow, and when the UFO went in to the Earth's shadow. He was able to obtain a distance measurement, which showed the object to be 40-45 Km away and 243 metres in diameter.

At that time, in 1973, the Skylab was the largest object ever put in orbit, and it measured 43 meters in diameter.

Collisions of Planes and UFOs

Ever since man acquired the ability to fly, there have been more and more stories about encountering "delta-shaped" objects in mid flight.

With the increasing use of commercial airlines, the sightings have escalated tremendously, with many of the reporting being recorded.

Here's some of them:

ATC: Hey Cactus 564, say again...
564: I said there's Nothing on their radar on the other centres at all on that particular area, that object that's up in the air?
ATC: It's up in the air?
564: Affirmative
ATC: What's the altitude about?
564: I don't know, probably right around 30,000 or so, there's Strobe, it starts from going counterclockwise and the Length is Unbelievable

ATC: Swiss Air 127, go ahead.
127: Yes Sir, I don;t know what it was but it just Overflew like a couple of hundred feet above us. I don't know if it was a rocket or whatever but incredibly fast, opposite direction. It was too fast to be an airplane.

The "Wow" signal

For over 50 years scientists have been listening to the skies in hopes of receiving messages from other life forms. Until August 15, 1977, there has been zero messages received.

The wow! signal is a 72 second transmission picked up by the Big Ear radio observatory at Ohio State University, coming from the direction of the constellation Sagittarius.

It's name comes from what Jerry R. Ehman, the man who recorded it, wrote down when he printed a copy of the signal.

The signal in words was "6EQUJ5".

There have been many theories as of what the signal meant, but none of them are conclusive.

The Apollo 11 Mission

Similar to the Skylab III case, during their journey to the moon, the Apollo 11 crew faced and observed a Ufo throughout the third day of their mission.

To avoid compromising the mission, the astronauts decided to use cryptic messages when the communication back to Huston.

"Huston, how far away is the S-IVB?" was what their cystic message said.

Nice the S-IVB, the detaching part of the spacecraft, was the only other object that they could have been observing, their cryptic message was saying " Huston, is what we are seeing what we think it is, or could it just be our detached S-IVB?"

The reply, stating that the S-IVB was 6,000 nautical miles away from them, confirmed what he crew was thinking....

After that they never talked about it for fear of ridicule... not even NASA knew this at the time.

Aliens DNA Samples

On the morning of July 23, 1992 at 7:30 am, while Peter Khoury was in bed, two beings in the forms of tall, beautiful Nordic women, with exceptionally long face features, visited the man in this room.

One appeared to have Asian Characteristics, with dark hair, big eyes, a long nose and slightly dark skin, while the other one was white as milk and had typical Nordic hair. The two beings were communicating telepathically with Peter Khoury who, once awaken by them, was shocked to find the two in front of him. Before he could do anything, one of the women grabbed him by the head and pushed him towards her breasts. The man, still in shock, reacted violently by biting the woman's nipple.

He chocked a little with the nipple in his throat, but managed to swallow it, noticing no blood whatsoever. The reaction of the woman was null. she communicated telepathically to the other one saying that had made a mistake. The man was able to hear their conversation, at the end of which they disappeared. Immediately after that he went to the bathroom because he was feeling pain on his penis. When he checked what was causing that feeling, he was shocked to find some of the blond woman's hair attached around that area.

He removed the hair with a lot of pain and effort and secured it so that he could send it for examination. After that he had six hour erection. At first it appeared to have come from a light skinned caucasian like looking woman. The thin blond hair was examined and was concluded that it could not have come from a normal human of that racial type.

Not only did Peter Khoury's story have physical proof, but it was also backed up by the lie detector, which concluded that he was stating the truth about an event that had really happened.

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